Unbelievable – “This tropical smoothie can even prevent cancer”

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Unbelievable – “This tropical smoothie can even prevent cancer”

Graviola - Fruit against cancer

Graviola, often also called Fountains Blushwood, Stachelannone, Sauersacke or Guanabana, is a not very well known fruit from the depths of the rainforest. The anti-cancer fruit is a true superfruit. The fruit is not only effective against bacteria and viruses but can even prevent cancer.


A healthy smoothie is nothing new. The white flesh of the fruit tastes very sweet and light and tart. Due to the high content of antioxidants, the taste is slightly acidic. The taste is particularly reminiscent of citrus fruits and pineapple, but also of strawberries. Thanks to its healthy characteristics and taste, the fruit is particularly suitable for a tropical smoothie. The fruit can be excellently combined with fruits known to us, such as bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. The sweet and slightly sourish taste turns even a healthy smoothie with local ingredients into a tropical experience.
Graviola, die Frucht gegen Krebs

Cancer research

The idea of a “fruit against cancer” impresses the researchers immensely. Due to its anti-cancer properties, the fruit has already been well researched by many researchers. At the Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, it was discovered that the nuclei contain an active ingredient that naturally works against cancer. The isolated active ingredient called EBC-46 was tested for 8 years on 300 cancer patients and killed 75% of the tumors. The drug is currently being tested on 30 people. Since the active substance is injected, however, this treatment method is only suitable for tumors that have not yet formed metastases.

Historical application of the fruit

In Latin America, almost all parts of the graviola have been used for centuries against various infections, for general relaxation and even for the treatment of depression. The fruit was used by the natives of Latin America to lower fever and blood pressure. Traditionally, tea was mostly made from the leaves. The fruit is usually drunk as juice.


Studies show that the fruit is 100 times stronger than chemotherapy and 10,000 times stronger than the chemotherapeutic drug Adriamycin1.5 minutes after an injection into a tumor, the tumor begins to turn purple. As time goes by, the tumor becomes darker and darker until the cells eventually die off. Healthy cells, on the other hand, remain attacked by the fruit against cancer.

When will the fruit be used to treat cancer?

Initial studies with humans were conducted as early as 2015. However, a total of 4 test phases have been defined for the human test phase, covering a total of 9 years. This is normal in medical studies to investigate the long-term effects of new drugs.


One thing is certain: Graviola offers an incredibly high potential for the treatment of various diseases and even has the potential to become a fruit against cancer. Even if the research and application of the fruit against cancer will take a few more years, there is a great hope. Graviola can be purchased as an extract, juice or tea and is definitely worth a try. Thanks to its good taste, healthy eating is fun and both the juice and tea are very digestible.

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