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Recipies to a variety of healthy green smoothies that provides the body with the essential vitamins that can get you through the day.

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Here you can find some tasty reciepies made out of the easily accessable tropical fruits. Feel like you are in Bali!

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From watermelon strawberry smoothie to avocado smoothie, everything you are looking for. And more…

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A healthy smoothie for everyone

We love making our own fruit shakes. Normal smoothies made from apples, bananas and traditional fruits quickly become boring. This is why we will present on this website various recipes and possibilities to create a tropical smoothie from exotic ingredients. We make sure that the smoothies are especially healthy and also introduce various types of smoothies to lose weight or generally eat healthier.


A Tropical smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

Leading doctors recommend to eat five fruits a day. In addition to numerous vitamins, substances such as antioxidants even work against cancer. Magnesium and phosphorus strengthen the bones, prevent hair breakage and reinforce the fingernails. Our healthy smoothie recipes help you to immerse yourself in new tastes every day, get to know new foods and at the same time live a much healthier life.



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Green Smoothie

The Secret of Healthiness

We show you many secret ingredients that taste incredibly delicious and have many secret effects at the same time. Fruits can reduce stress, improve the skin’s appearance, help you lose weight and even prevent various diseases.


Figure out which vitamins support your health the best.

Secret effects

Discover awesome effects in some tropical smoothies.

Unknown ingredients

Find proposals for new tropical ingredients every day.

Where to find it

We try to provide links to help you obtain the ingredients.

Check our recipes Achieve your goals

The team behind the tropical smoothie

Here is the team that brought you Tropical Smoothie!

Many of us spend a long time at the office. We do too little exercise and healthy eating quickly becomes a minor matter. At the same time, 5 fruits a day are enough to make you feel much healthier.



As a chef I love to experiment with all kind of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are the perfect mix of healthy food and good taste. Healthy nutrition can be so much fun.



Nutrition can change a whole life. There are countless fruits that are completely unknown in many parts of the world, although you often have powers that are incredible. I want to decode and use the secret powers that are hidden in some fruits.



Latest News

We invent an awesome topical smoothie every day. Check out our latest articles try to make your own healthy smoothie every day!

Mango pineapple tropical green smoothie

Mango Pineapple Tropical Smoothie

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Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie

Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie

How does this low carb smoothie taste like The watermelon is a unique fruit. It is not only particularly tasty and sweet, but also very juicy. In addition, the watermelon has[…]

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Strawberry smoothie

Simple Strawberry Smoothie

How does this Strawberry Smoothie taste like Every day is a new day, start your day right off with this delightful healthy strawberry smoothie to boost your energy and get in the[…]

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